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The Sub-Committees are:

Communications Environment Health
Traffic & Highways Membership Business Membership
Parks & Woodland Planning Police



Communications Press: Tony Ellis,  Notice boards: Mithu Chellaram
Website updates: Ros Plume

The aims of the Communications sub-committee are to increase awareness of both the issues being considered by the NRA Executive Committee and of the NRA itself. This includes liaising with local press and updating the website and local notice boards.


Environment Chaired by Fiona Blackwell

This sub-committee liaises with LBH to ensure that problems with graffiti, unclean roads and pavements, fly-tipping, dangerous trees, refuse and recycling collections, unlit streets etc are dealt with quickly.

Ongoing environment issues:

The sub-committee has campaigned towards improving street trees, including removal of overhanging branches and trimming back suckers at the base of trees. A joint project between NRA and LBH has seen the regeneration of the Eastbury Road area through monies from the Chrysalis fund.

The NRA will continue to take photographs of the state of Northwood streets and submit them to LBH as evidence of poor standards of maintenance and cleanliness. We will continue to put pressure on LBH and our councillors to ensure that a fair share of council funds is spent on Northwood.

Residents wishing to report problems to the LBH can use the small yellow cards found in Northwood library or email


Health Chaired by: Richard Field

The aims of the Health sub-committee are to keep Northwood residents informed about local developments in the field of health and to endeavour to maintain good quality comprehensive NHS health care in the locality.

Members of the sub-committee regularly attend meetings of:

  • Community Voice. An umbrella organisation of over 50 groups concerned with the provision of health care locally.  Meetings are at 19:45 on the 1st Thursday of the month at the Postgraduate Centre, Mount Vernon Hospital.
    For information, telephone: 01895 636095.

In addition, meetings are held of:

  • West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust.  This body meets at 09.30 – 14.00 on the 3rd or 4th Thursday of each month at various hospital venues in the W. Herts Trust.
    For information, telephone: 01442 287684.
  • East & North Herts NHS Trust. Meetings usually held on 4th Wednesday of the month, 14.00-20.00 at various venues. Telephone 01438 781594 for information.
  • The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (14.30 on 4th Wednesday of the month at Hillingdon Hospital or Mount Vernon Hospital. Tel: 01895 279356 for information. Not all meetings are open to the public.)
  • The Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust (4th Wednesday at 10.30 or 14.00 at either Hospital.  Tel: 0207 351 8571 for information)
  • London North West Healthcare NHS Trust (09.00 at various locations on 4th Wednesday.  Tel: 0208 869 5289 for information)
  • Hillingdon Primary Care Trust (4th Tuesday at Kirk House 14.00. Tel: 01895 452047 for information)


Traffic & Highways Chaired by Peter Lansdown

This sub-committee deals with LBH and the Metropolitan police on all aspects of road safety, speeding, traffic management, traffic lights and road works.

Currently we are putting pressure on LBH to ensure that it publishes timely and accurate communications about road works.

We successfully campaigned to get the speed limit reduced on Rickmansworth Road from 40mph to 30mph.

We have also campaigned to get the Met to enforce speed limits and to get them and LBH to enforce parking regulations.

We have campaigned against the traffic lights at the junction of Green Lane, Station Approach and Eastbury Road both before they were installed at the end of 2009 and since that time, as we do not think they have done anything to improve road safety but have led to much frustration among pedestrians and motorists alike.

We are aware of the importance of regularly maintained highways, and we are glad that LBH has agreed to resurface some of the roads with the worst potholes.  There is still much to be done, however.

You can report problems to LBH using the small yellow cards found in Northwood library or email


Membership Chaired by Paul Barker
supported by David Blowers, Frances Meyer

The Membership sub-committee is a partnership of the Chief Road Steward, the Treasurer and the Membership secretary. The Chief Road Steward co-ordinates the work of the Area Road Stewards who in turn look after the Road Stewards in their areas.

The Treasurer receives subscriptions, keeps the accounts and the Membership secretary maintains the membership list.

Pre-printed envelopes for collecting subscriptions are now available for all road stewards to use if they wish. Many road stewards still prefer to collect subscriptions in person as this keeps them in touch with residents’ concerns, but for those with limited time the envelopes have proved to be a boon.

If you are not already a member, why not visit our joining page?

Remember, the greater our membership, the stronger our voice in local affairs.


Business Membership Chaired by: vacancy

The Business Membership section of the Association has been in operation now for a number of years. Its aim is to encourage the independent traders and major retailers to work together and to foster a community spirit with the residents. Presently there are over 60 members from the High Street and Green Lane areas.  A full list can be seen here.

We are keen to increase the business membership so if you know someone in business in Northwood, please do point them in our direction.


Parks & Woodland Chaired by Miles Gillman

The Parks and Woodland sub-committee monitors the management of Hillingdon’s open spaces in the Northwood area. Through the Association’s nominated member on the Ruislip Woods Management Advisory Group and its nominated trustee for the Ruislip Woods Trust, it influences the management of Ruislip Woods, London’s first National Nature Reserve.


Chaired by David Goodman

The purpose of this sub-committee is:

  • To review all planning applications made to the council relevant to Northwood.
  • To monitor any proposal to develop in the green belt.
  • Where planning applications are not in conformity with the Local Plan, to ensure that formal objection is made.
  • To attend the relevant borough planning meetings.
  • To provide advice and support where necessary to local groups organising to fight planning appeals.


Police Chaired by Philip Green

The Northwood Ward panel meets quarterly with the local Police to discuss short, medium and long term strategy and discuss matters relating to local policing. This committee is itself a wider grouping with members drawn from organisations in Northwood. The committee is a two way channel between the police and the community where both parties can raise matters of local concern.

The committee is always on the lookout for new members as we genuinely want to be responsive to public interest.

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