Traffic Lights, Northwood Town Centre

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The new traffic lights continue to cause much complaint and discussion. The feedback so far has been almost entirely negative, and LBH is well aware of how residents feel about the them. LBH have promised to review the success or otherwise of the lights when they have been running for 6 months. Some of the complaints are:

  • the lights only work when there is little traffic – but when there is little traffic the lights are not necessary anyway
  • the aim of making the junction safer has not been achieved – there have many near-misses and pedestrians don’t feel safe
  • at peak times there is near-gridlock
  • there is confusion about road positions and rights of way.

LBH will shortly be putting in a new “chip” which will alter where the pedestrian phase comes in: i.e. it will be 1) east-west traffic; 2) pedestrians; 3) Eastbury Rd/Station Approach. At the moment it is 1), 3), 2), which is downright dangerous, as pedestrians see that east-west traffic has stopped and think it must be their turn.

Please continue to send us your emails; the more evidence we can present to LBH the better. The address is

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