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Welcome to the third incarnation of the NRA website! First launched in 2002, we brought it up to date in 2007 with a new colour scheme and more pages. We were quite excited when the site received nearly 700 visits in January that year, now the monthly visits have doubled to over 1400, a clear indication that so many of you find the website useful.

Last year the NRA added a Communications role to its organisation, this generated a lot more news items and articles for the website. The layout that had worked so well no longer coped with the increased volume and variety of information, and the task of keeping the website updated became somewhat arduous. So back to the drawing board! 

We now have a new layout with more emphasis on local news and events and a better structure for adding items of interest. The site has also been transferred to new software which makes keeping it updated a breeze, allowing us to have more than one person involved in performing this task.

Any website is a work in progress in this rapidly developing internet age, in fact we already have ideas for improving the site. But what do you think of it so far? Any constructive comments and suggestions are always welcome – contact webmaster@northwoodresidents.co.uk

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