Festive Lights Fund

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We are pleased to announce that the Northwood branch of Waitrose has named the NRA Festive Lights Fund as one of its three good causes for October.  Each time you shop in Waitrose you are given a token to place in the collecting box for the local cause of your choice.  At the end of the month, £1,000 is divided between the three groups according to the proportion of tokens collected.

For the last five years the Christmas Lights in the centre of Northwood and the High Street have been organised by the Northwood Residents’ Association with the help of a grant from the London Borough of Hillingdon and also a financial contribution from the Association.  This year we hope to raise sufficient funds to buy the lights, and not waste resources by hiring them each time. This will ensure everyone in Northwood can enjoy the Festive Decorations for years to come.

So do please support the NRA by placing your Waitrose tokens in OUR box!

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