Metropolitan Line Update

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Many of you will be aware that the service has been even worse than usual over the last couple of weeks.  In addition to the usual signal failures, there is a problem with the rolling stock.  Many of the old trains are developing faults and about one-sixth of the fleet are withdrawn, hence the catalogue of cancellations, particularly during the rush hour.  Not only that, but engineers have banned overtime and there is other industrial action.

You may remember that, a few weeks ago, many District Line trains were withdrawn because of problems with brackets; this is now showing on the old Met Line trains as the brackets came from the same supplier.

Additionally, because of complaints from passengers that the heating was on in the hot weather, the fuses were removed.  These have now been put back and have blown, so they have had to be removed again.  Hence you may well be cold on your journey.

We are being assured that “additional resources are being applied” to cure the problems, and that additional engineers have been transferred to Neasden, plus a senior engineering manager from Acton.

We have asked that the travelling public be kept fully informed with announcements, and that “good service on the Metropolitan Line” ones should be stopped except in the unlikely event it’s actually true.

We have to hope that some of the measures listed above will bear fruit, but it could be a couple of weeks before there is an improvement in the rolling stock, and of course this won’t help the issue of signal failures.

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