Reindeer Site Saga

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Most of the residents who lived around Maxwell Road were relieved when the Reindeer Public House called “Last orders!” for the final time in early 2008.  The many motorists whose cars were clamped whilst they popped into local shops were relieved when the clampers were despatched and the site boarded up.

Relief turned to dismay when plans to build a five-storey block of flats were submitted.   Residents and the London Borough of Hillingdon (LBH) combined to reject the plans and the Inspector dismissed the appeal.  The developers produced a part four-storey version.  Once again a monolithic structure threatened to loom over Maxwell Road.  Petitions and representations by residents were supported by our councillors but the developers appealed again.  Whilst we awaited the results of the appeal, heard on 30th November 2010, the developers negotiated a scaled-down version with the NRA.  The Planning Committee allowed the scaled-down plan on 2nd February 2011.

After what seemed an interminable delay, the Inspector dismissed the appeal on 24th February 2011.

The conclusion of this saga demonstrates the importance of residents opposing unsuitable developments, enlisting the support of our active ward councillors, presenting petitions to the LBH Planning Committee and negotiating with planners.

We have all come along way from a noisy pub and the threats of ugly edifices and now expect a reasonable building.  The NRA can take credit for taking action at every step.  We hope that construction will commence soon and trust that the result will blend in with our environment.

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