Black Soda Licence – the facts

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Many of you will have read the somewhat out-of-date article in the March edition of My Northwood News about the Black Soda bar in Station Approach. These are the facts:-


The licence was applied for in early January and the relevant legal notices placed in the Gazette on 14th January and in the window of Black Soda. The police objected on the grounds of security and requested closed circuit television and the presence of two “bouncers”. The applicant agreed to these conditions and the police dropped their objection. Hillingdon Council initially objected to the likelihood of noise but the applicant gave an assurance that the doors and windows would remain closed so the council dropped its objection. Residents were expected to receive notice of the application by the Gazette advert and the notice posted in the premises window. Unfortunately, residents did not see these notices and only became aware of the application when it was too late to complain. Both the NRA and some 20 residents lodged objections but the Licensing Committee Chairman refused to consider them as they were deemed outside the statutory period. However, it is doubtful that residents’ objections would have been considered valid even if they had been received on time. Thus the licence was granted automatically at the end of February.

The Licensing process is strictly governed by statute and it offers no “wriggle room” so we have to accept that the process was correctly carried out.

I have discussed the process with Nick Hurd MP who promised to talk to the relevant Minister with a view to giving residents more of a say on such applications. I have also spoken to Inspector Bryan who has undertaken to keep a close eye on the premises and ensure that there are no breaches of the licence conditions.

If you wish to report noise from the premises contact the council’s Out-of-Hours Team – tel: 01895 250111. Anti-Social and criminal behaviour should be reported to the police – tel: 101.

If immediate police attendance is required, dial 999.

The NRA will be keeping a close eye on the operation of the premises and will report any breaches of licence. Please contact me if you have concerns.

Tony Ellis – Chairman
Tel: 01923 821237 email

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