Hillingdon borough drives down motor vehicle crime

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North Hillingdon sees motor vehicle crime cut by over fifty percent as a result of community engagement.

Officers from North Hillingdon’s Safer Neighbourhoods Teams were so concerned about the number of motor vehicle crimes being reported to police that they decided to work with the local community to deal with the problem.


In March 2014, police received 83 reports of theft from motor vehicles. As a result of regular patrols, providing crime prevention advice and using social media to highlight the problem, reports of theft from motor vehicle was down to 40 by March 2015 – a reduction of 53%. As a result of this, all other motor vehicle crimes were also significantly reduced.

Police Sergeant Jonathan Shard from Hillingdon Borough said: “The success of this operation is a result of educating people on how they can take simple steps to prevent themselves from becoming victims of car crime.

“During our patrols we were surprised to see cars left unattended and unlocked with valuables such as mobile phones, Sat Navs and loose change on display. This is an invitation to criminals to come and take what they please, as it can take as little as 10 seconds for them to steal these from your car.

“I urge members of the community to read the crime prevention advice on our website and leave nothing on view.”


  • Leave cash, credit cards, chequebooks, mobile phones, vehicle documents or other valuables in the car.
  • Leave valuables on display.
  • Leave your keys in the car, even for a second – treat them as you would your cash and credit cards.

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