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RMV is celebrating 50 years of broadcasting.

Hospital Radio Mount Vernon celebrates!
We’re marking 50 years of broadcasting – and on the weekend of 29th/30th June we are inviting volunteers from the past to join us to help us celebrate. If you have given your time to Radio Mount Vernon in the past, please contact us through our website:
A special celebration took place at Radio Mount Vernon on Sunday 24th February. We had a visit from June Snowdon, President of the Hospital Broadcasting Association, who came to give our radio station a long service award for 50 years of broadcasting.

She also gave long service awards to some of our volunteers.  June said, ‘This is a great opportunity to congratulate everyone involved with Radio Mount Vernon on their dedication and hard work. Many thanks for all you do for your hospital community. ‘
Christine Haines and Martin Hill each received a special certificate celebrating 25 years of presenting live shows from our studio at Mount Vernon. Martin remembers, ‘The old studios were so very cold in winter, and leaked badly on every rainy day.’ The studios are now located in the ‘village’ part of the Mount Vernon site, in rooms prepared by dedicated volunteers, who designed the current studio, library and Training Room.

Certificates were also given to John Thompson for 20 years of involvement and leadership, and to Steve Parker for 15 years as engineer for the radio station. There were also for certificates for Andy Stroud for 40 years combined volunteering with Watford Hospital Radio and Mount Vernon, and to Deryk  Nicholson for 25 years combined volunteering with Watford and Mount Vernon.

There was recognition of other volunteers with five or more years volunteering. These were Bob Ottewill, Christine Robinson and Jean Gillen.

If you would be interested in visiting the wards to collect patients’ requests or in presenting live broadcasts or requests, please contact   for more information. We need more volunteers as we spread our services into the whole of Mount Vernon Hospital.

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