Meet Some Good Northwood Neighbours

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At the end of 2018 we invited residents to nominate their good neighbours, people who help to promote a sense of community by performing small acts of kindness. We received a number of nominations,

all of which demonstrated that there are areas of Northwood where neighbours go out of their way to help one another. Miles Gillman, NRA vice chairman, who organised the project presented the winners and their nominators with an “I’m a good Northwood Neighbour” mug and a bouquet of flowers, the mug symbolising neighbours getting together for a mug of tea or coffee.

And the winners are …….

Mr Nazir Merali Mrs Fatim Merali nominated by Fatima Asaria.

“They go out of their way to help not only myself but others too
– look after my house whether abroad or in town
– keep in touch and update me on everything whilst I’m away
– do my shopping whenever they go for theirs
– not only shop but carry it to the kitchen
– send me cooked food once or twice a week
– in my absence, if needed, supervises any work if carried out”


Jan Sutton
nominated by Ramesh Haldipur.

“Ever since we moved to Northwood 11 years back she has not only helped us all the time but also all the neighbours around.”


Mr Ashish Sharma of Northwood Health Foods nominated by
Kiran Grover-Hesselgren.

“He is a very community minded and helpful person and has been a key part of Green Lane shops for many years. He is always the first to go and help people, regardless of whether they are customers of his or not. If someone has fallen or hurt themselves he will leave his shop to go and help. If someone needs help with their bags he will walk them to the car. He is caring and kind and a real asset to our area. If Northwood had a Mayor, it should be him!”

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