MVCC Green Space for Health

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Mount Vernon Cancer Centre is extremely excited to be involved in a project that looks to maximise the use of the green space for the benefit of both staff and patient wellbeing. It is part of the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare’s Green Space for Health programme, with Government funding from the Green Recovery Challenge Fund.

With a woodland walk, wildflower meadow, space for chemotherapy treatment outside and wellbeing activities in the planning – we look forward to updating local residents on our progress over the next 12 months. In the meantime, if anyone can help the project get off to a flying start by donating or help sourcing any of the following items, we would be very grateful and would love to hear from you.

Fresh pallets (20)
Large logs for seating
Scaffolding boards (not too grubby)
4×2 timber
Log stumps  (a metre or so long so that they can be dug in as upright seats)
Big Bobbins (cable spools – preferably with wooden centres)
Large outdoor umbrella or awning/tarpaulins
Nails and screws
A pick axe

For more information, please contact Karen MacKelvie Tel: 020 3826 2515


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