Sale of Haste Hill Golf Course

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Here is a statement from Cllr Jonathan Bianco, Deputy Leader of the Council & Cabinet Member for Property, Highways & Transport concerning the sale of Haste Hill Golf Course:

Hillingdon Council has decided that, in light of the current economic climate, it is no longer a viable or appropriate option to ask its residents to subsidise the activities of a few, as has been the case for some years in respect of our golf courses at Haste Hill and Uxbridge. As a result, we have put out to the market the option to buy a long lease from the Council to run and operate these courses. We have received a number of bids from interested parties and are likely to proceed with one of them.

However, let it be clear – the freeholds will remain with the Council to ensure that these locations remain golf courses and further there will be a requirement for any operator to offer the general golfing public access to the courses in the future.

We believe that this solution offers the best way forward, removing the cost burden of subsidising playing and upkeep whilst at the same time guaranteeing the future retention of the courses and access for our residents.

Cllr Jonathan Bianco.

Thanks are due to Northwood Hills Residents’ Association for sharing Cllr Bianco’s statement.

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