Chaired by Trevor Sherling

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The purpose of this sub-committee is:

  • To review all planning applications made to the council relevant to Northwood.
  • To monitor any proposal to develop in the green belt.
  • Where planning applications are not in conformity with the Local Plan, to ensure that formal objection is made.
  • To attend the relevant borough planning meetings.
  • To provide advice and support where necessary to local groups organising to fight planning appeals.


Many of our members have expressed concern about planning applications in their area, but they are unsure how to find out more or raise an objection.

If you would like to view planning applications online, here is how to do so:

  1. Go to the LBH Home page at
  2. Click on the Quick Link to Planning on the left of the blue bar
  3. Click on Planning Search (on left hand side)
  4. Enter an application reference if known, or a road name and Northwood Ward.
  5. This will open a window of relevant applications; click on the blue reference for details of any particular application.

After your neighbour's planning application - what then?

There are a number of instances when after planning permission has been granted and work has started what you expected to see does not quite match up to what was approved by the Council. This could of course be due to errors on the part of the contractor failing to read the drawings correctly or it could be something altogether more invidious. Whatever the reason, neighbours and other interested parties are advised to keep a close eye on building work as it progresses. If you suspect that the approved plans are not being adhered to it is essential that concerns are reported back to the Council so that these may be investigated. The department which will investigate is the Planning Enforcement Department and the telephone number is 01895 250230.

Residents should not regard this as in any way "snooping" as it could be that the mistake in implementation is a genuine one, and reporting it early could ultimately save the householder concerned money spent to rectify the error.

Contact us using this form.


From Northwood Futures:

Following the summer pre-planning exhibition we have taken the decision to move the second pre-planning exhibition to later in September in order to give the design team more time to produce content.

The exhibition will now be held in 65 Green Lane from Tuesday 29th September to Saturday 3rd October:

Northwood Futures – Public Exhibition – Sharing Feasibility Stage Design Options

Catherine Greig of make:good reports:

In my last update I confirmed that TfL intend to take Vision 2, presented at our public exhibition (as well as online) in January and early February 2015, forward into a planning application before the end of this year. The material exhibited is still available to view online here and a summary of the feedback that we received is available here.

Next Opportunities to Feedback

Following the first phase of Northwood Futures insight gathering TfL has appointed a consultant team who will be preparing initial design responses to these ideas and other project constraints. We have the following opportunities to share these responses:

Many of you will have read the somewhat out-of-date article in the March edition of My Northwood News about the Black Soda bar in Station Approach. These are the facts:-

The three month consultation exercise by make:good culminated in a series of three workshops at which a team of newly appointed consultants discussed ideas with residents. Make:good will now summarise these ideas and present them to residents at a public meeting to be held