Business Members

We have welcomed Northwood businesses to join our association for a number of years now. Our aim is to encourage independent traders and major retailers to work together and to foster a community spirit with the residents.


The aims of the Communications sub-committee are to increase awareness of both the issues being considered by the NRA Executive Committee and of the NRA itself. This includes liaising with local press and updating the website and local notice boards.


This sub-committee liaises with LBH to ensure that problems with graffiti, unclean roads and pavements, fly-tipping, dangerous trees, refuse and recycling collections, unlit streets etc are dealt with quickly.


The aims of the Health sub-committee are to keep Northwood residents informed about local developments in the field of health and to endeavour to maintain good quality comprehensive NHS health care in the locality.


The Membership sub-committee is a partnership of the Chief Road Steward, the Treasurer and the Membership secretary. The Chief Road Steward co-ordinates the work of the Area Road Stewards who in turn look after the Road Stewards in their areas.


Many of our members have expressed concern about planning applications in their area, but they are unsure how to find out more or raise an objection.


The Northwood Ward panel meets quarterly with the local Police to discuss short, medium and long term strategy and discuss matters relating to local policing.

Traffic & Highways

This sub-committee deals with LBH and the Metropolitan police on all aspects of road safety, speeding, traffic management, traffic lights and road works.

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