Traffic & Highways

Chaired by Peter Lansdown

This sub-committee deals with LBH and the Metropolitan police on all aspects of road safety, speeding, traffic management, traffic lights and road works.

Currently we are putting pressure on LBH to ensure that it publishes timely and accurate communications about road works.

We successfully campaigned to get the speed limit reduced on Rickmansworth Road from 40mph to 30mph.

We have also campaigned to get the Met to enforce speed limits and to get them and LBH to enforce parking regulations.

We have campaigned against the traffic lights at the junction of Green Lane, Station Approach and Eastbury Road both before they were installed at the end of 2009 and since that time, as we do not think they have done anything to improve road safety but have led to much frustration among pedestrians and motorists alike.

We are aware of the importance of regularly maintained highways, and we are glad that LBH has agreed to resurface some of the roads with the worst potholes.  There is still much to be done, however.

You can report problems to LBH using the small yellow cards found in Northwood library or email

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