Chaired by Paul Barker
supported by Rashmi Chauhan (Treasurer) and Frances Meyer (Membership Secretary)

The Membership sub-committee is a partnership of the Chief Road Steward, the Treasurer and the Membership secretary. The Chief Road Steward co-ordinates the work of the Area Road Stewards who in turn look after the Road Stewards in their areas.

The Treasurer receives subscriptions, keeps the accounts and the Membership secretary maintains the membership list.

Pre-printed envelopes for collecting subscriptions are now available for all road stewards to use if they wish. Many road stewards still prefer to collect subscriptions in person as this keeps them in touch with residents’ concerns, but for those with limited time the envelopes have proved to be a boon.

If you are not already a member, why not visit our joining page?

Remember, the greater our membership, the stronger our voice in local affairs.

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