Business Membership of the NRA

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We are delighted to report that recruitment of Business Members of the Association has started well. Business Members are important because they provide much of the daily life and character in the town centre. The Association will support the collective voice of local businesses and organisations to ensure that their needs and expectations of Northwood are met as far as possible.

We expect that by the new year we will have a Business Members Sub-Committee with a chairperson who leads them and represents them on the Executive committee.

If you are a business that hasn’t joined yet, please do so soon using our Application Form. Not only will you get to meet and share ideas with other local businesses, but also your membership will enhance your reputation in the community.

We would ask our resident members to encourage the businesses they use to join the Association, and to support our business members with their custom – look out for the NRA Business Member sign in business windows.




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