Phone kiosks by the War Memorial – now you see them, now you don’t

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At last the two controversial BT phone kiosks/advertising boards in Green Lane by the war memorial have been moved following 18 months of campaigning by NRA. They were erected without warning in the autumn of 2007, and we felt that they were totally inappropriate in a position so near to the war memorial and circular bench.


… and now

We now have a nice open area again, which is enhanced by the new paving and newly-refurbished memorial and bench.

The two kiosks have been placed in separate locations at each end of the Green Lane shopping area where they are less obtrusive.

We are most grateful to our local councillors and council officers for their hard work on behalf of the residents to persuade BT that they should be moved, and of course to BT and JC Decaux for such a satisfactory outcome.

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