Northwood Town Centre Improvements – Update Spring 2009

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Rickmansworth Road 30mph scheme

LBH officials have now received the consultant’s report and recommendations for implementing the 30mph limit between Batchworth Heath and Murray Road. Detailed drawings are to be drawn up and the NRA committee will be invited to make comments and suggest changes prior to the plans being finalised. LBH hope to have the scheme in place by the autumn but exact timing will depend on the completion of the water main being laid by Three Valleys Water/Balfour Beatty.

Green Lane – Phase 2

Phase 2 includes the creation of the 20 mph zone between Watford Road and the Green Lane car park. The final road markings and parking arrangements will be done as part of this phase. TfL have provided the budget for the installation of traffic lights at the junction of Eastbury Road. These lights are planned to have pedestrian crossing lights on all four sides of the junction, including Station Approach. At the Forum meeting last November, residents voted almost unanimously for a Pelican (lights controlled) crossing near to the present crossing. Your committee is still of the opinion that the Pelican crossing is the better option and is to have further consultations with LBH and ward councillors.

Green Lane – Phase 3

As yet there is no budget for phase 3. This is the extension of the 20mph limit to the Rickmansworth Road and includes a pedestrian crossing near The Glen.


Many of you will be aware that new parking meters have been installed. Parking charges are to be doubled later this year, the first half-hour remaining free. However, Hillingdon Borough residents will be able to use their Hillingdon First card to obtain a 50% discount.

Your committee are strongly opposed to this new arrangement as it will deter residents from Three Rivers and Pinner from shopping in Northwood and we have requested the Leader of the Council, Cllr Puddifoot, to reconsider the change.

We have also asked LBH to introduce a 30 minute limit on street parking in Green Lane and Maxwell Road

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