Town Centre Traffic Lights

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A petition started by a local trader was recently presented to London Borough of Hillingdon asking for the traffic lights in the centre of Northwood to be removed. The petition was heard on 20th April at the Civic Centre.

The outcome of the petition hearing is that there is to be a full review by LBH of the phasing of the lights and an analysis of all the problems that have been reported. It was acknowledged that the lights were far from perfect, and that they cause confusion and frustration.

There is no chance that the lights will be removed, however. Following advice from the Metropolitan Police Traffic Division, LBH say that it will be unsafe to remove them. All we can hope is that the review, which will have input from many different groups, including NRA, will pinpoint ways in which improvements can be made.

There is also to be an independent review, to which NRA will contribute.

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