Met Line train takes wrong turning?

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As the new ‘S’ stock trains are gradually being introduced on the Metropolitan Underground line, you may have wondered what was happening to the old ‘A’ stock trains.  Well, they are being brought to Northwood sidings, the area south of the station car park.  From here they are loaded onto flat-bed lorries to be driven to an enormous scrap and recycling yard in the north of England.  This process has been going on since January 2011, and there are many video clips and photos illustrating it on the Internet, not to mention pages of discussion forums where spotters keep in touch about the latest happenings.

Today, 19th July 2011, a convoy of lorries loaded with underground train carriages was spotted by a local resident as it spent some time in Northwood High Street before eventually braving the right turn in to Rickmansworth Road, and appropriately passing under the ‘Iron Bridge’.

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