Northwood’s Own Green Man Installed

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Recent visitors to Northwood town centre cannot have failed to notice the latest addition to the green space on the corner of Rowland Place.  This impressive carving has been created from an oak tree which had died. The oak had been a street tree situated at the junction of Myrtleside Close and Green Lane.  Once felled, the trunk was taken to Northwood Recreation Ground in Chestnut Avenue to be carved by William Lee, who worked for Gristwood and Toms, Hillingdon’s Tree Work term contractor.

 The upright carving depicts a ‘Green Man’ which provides the link between the Oak Tree, Green Lane and the historic Ruislip Woods. The horizontal carving welcomes visitors to Northwood.

sculpture2crop       sculpture3crop

The carving stood in Northwood Recreation Ground for some time before reaching its final resting place in Rowland Place on 20th December 2011.

 The funding was provided by LBH Green Spaces using savings made from the Northwood Improvement programme that was implemented in 2008/2009.

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