Typhoon Jets over Northolt

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We have received this information from RAF Northolt:
“Following the Ministerial announcement that Typhoon fast jets will be based at RAF Northolt for the Olympic period, I promised to update you when further information became available.

“I can now inform you that it is planned that on Saturday 21 January between 7pm and 10pm two Typhoon aircraft will conduct two training sorties each over RAF Northolt. They will not land but will approach the airfield and overfly. They will not use reheat thus reducing the noise impact and should be at around 1,000 feet before they are over either the West End Road or A40, thereby minimising any distraction to road users.

“These sorties are necessary in order to begin familiarising Typhoon pilots with RAF Northolt and operating within the London airspace prior to their arrival here later in the year. As with the regular radar flight checker sessions which local residents have become familiar with, these sorties are being done after dark at a time which suits Heathrow airport, minimises disruption to other air traffic and has been agreed with the National Air Traffic Services.”

Sqn Ldr
Media & Communications Officer
& OIC Heritage
RAF Northolt

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