Badger Alert

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We have recently received a number of reports of badgers being active in Northwood gardens. Often the only evidence is of a large hole in a garden fence and signs of digging, but a lady in The Avenue actually witnessed a badger breaking into her coal shed. By law, badgers are protected and we are not allowed to interfere with a badger sett. If you wish to badger-proof your boundary use chain-link fencing buried 15cm in the ground and at least 45cm high.

Badgers feed mainly on earthworms and grubs which is why they enjoy gardens with neatly cut lawns.  They also eat fruit such as blackberries and elderberries.  A badger, though quite heavy (about 14kg in the Autumn) and having long claws is unlikely to attack a human unless injured or trapped; it is more likely to run away when seeing or scenting a human.

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