Templeton Day Centre Under Threat

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The Templeton Day Centre for people with dementia has been open for 20 years … but is under threat of immediate closure by the Alzheimer’s Society. Can YOU help?

About 25 years ago the people of Northwood, from Churches, Synagogue, Lyons, Rotarians, schools and many individuals gave generously to  raise money to provide a facility which would offer a welcoming home from home for people with dementia.

The double benefit was that family carers, knowing their loved one was happy and safe, could take a deep breath and relax. There may be bills to pay, phone calls to make, shopping or household chores to do which are impossible with a confused, wandering, or needy person requiring their constant attention. They may want to visit a friend or just sleep.

The Templeton Centre provided this friendly environment for 5 years  until its premises were required back from its base at St. Vincent’s Hospital which was being redeveloped. The local Alzheimer’s Society committee started to search all over again because the families using the service could not be abandoned. The United Reformed Church in Northwood Hills offered us “half a Church” which we accepted greedily and a friendly architect help us to  transform “our” half into a purpose built facility which has fitted the bill perfectly ever since.

Now The Alzheimers Society claims it is too expensive to run and is already negotiating its closure. It took over its management about 10 years ago, dispensing with the local committee as “amateurs”. However, with a dedicated staff caring for many remaining service users, some of the original committee believe a new trust could be created to continue to run the service.

Some fund raising would be necessary to tide it over until things were back to normal, but if some volunteers with business and accounting skills and maybe experience in the care giving world were to become part of a new Templeton Centre Trust committee, I am sure it could survive. The heavy management costs of the Alzheimers Society would be avoided and the only day care facility for people with dementia in the north of the Borough would continue to serve its people.
Can YOU help? Call Hazel Templeton on 01923 824235 or Charles Chapman on 01923 826795


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