Naughty or Nice, which are you?

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Our quiet neighbourhood may be woken up with the occasional boy racer driving a souped-up car with a loud exhaust.  A few neighbours may start a bonfire

and smoke out their fellow citizens.  The occasional dog-walker may fail to bag their dog’s faeces and place that bag in a waste bin,  but for the most part Northwood neighbours are a well-behaved friendly lot.
Examples that have been brought to our attention where that is NOT the case:

  • There has been a fire burning waste on a building site in Sherbourne Place.
  • Garden waste burned in the Halland Way area creating a pall of smoke causing a nuisance for neighbouring residents.

These are anti-social acts and completely unnecessary as Hillingdon Council makes weekly collections of garden rubbish and even provides free reusable bags for that purpose.  During the Covid-19 lockdown, vulnerable people are spending more time in their gardens and do not want their ’fresh’ air polluted by smoke.

For information about nuisance bonfires and how to report them, please click here.

Another example:

  • A dog walker recently bagged up their dog’s faeces then threw the bag into the driveway of a house in Moor Park Road, even though the council provides bins for this purpose – there is one at the Moor Park Road end of Hill Road.

Now that is really not nice. Let’s be good to one another particularly in this time of national crisis.

For council advice on how to report dog-fouling please click here.

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