NHS Urgent Care Service at Mount Vernon Hospital

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There is an Urgent Care Nurse Practitioner Service at Mount Vernon Hospital for minor illnesses and injuries that are urgent, but not life threatening.

The Unit is open from
7:30am to 7:30 pm, 7 Days a Week except Christmas Day.

First appointment begins at 8:00am and last appointment at 7:00pm.

You MUST have an appointment (Directive of NHS England) to attend the Unit. You have the option of phoning NHS 111 or you can call the Unit directly on 01923 844263 to obtain an appointment.

The Nurse Practitioners, who run the Unit, will ask a few questions (Triage) to ascertain whether the patient can be seen at the Unit and will be able to provide an appointment to attend. However, if they feel the injury or illness is such that, it can’t be handled by the Unit, they will advise the patient to go to A&E at either Watford General Hospital, Hillingdon Hospital or Northwick Park Hospital, depending on where the patient resides.

A GP seeing a patient, who needs referral to the Unit, can phone the Unit and make an appointment on behalf of the patient.

The Urgent Care Service Unit at Mount Vernon Hospital caters for patients from North West London in general. However, they also have patients from Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.


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