Beware of Telephone Scam

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Dear Residents

Below is some information regarding a fraud that has been happening in parts of the country and may well be happening in London. If you believe you have been victim of this please report to Police on 101.


Currently a telephone and internet scam is sweeping across county Police forces and I’m sure that people in the Met have also been victims.

It involves someone calling you and claiming that they are employees of Microsoft or Windows. They tell you that your computer/laptop has been compromised and they then ask for your permission to remote link to your computer. When this is done they take control of your computer/laptop and try and convince you that your computer/laptop has been affected by a virus. They then try and sell you a package to make your computer/laptop safe and secure again. After you have passed your bank details over they charge you £170.00 and someone then calls you back to confirm payment. They also provide you with an internet page to confirm who they are and what they are selling. It looks professional but the callers are not Microsoft employees.

This is a scam please be vigilant.


PC 150 Sarah Fordham
Hillingdon North Team
Email –
Tel – 101

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