WARNING! Jewellery Scam

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A message from Sgt Fanton. “I wanted to give you a warning about a scam that unfortunately has claimed one victim in Northwood Hills this week.


“The situation is this. Somebody will stop to speak to you and try to sell you a necklace.  They will beg you to buy it and put it around your neck whilst they try and cajole you into buying it.  They will be likely to give you a sob story about why you need to buy it.  However…….. at the same time as they are putting their cheap and nasty necklace around your neck to show you have lovely it is……. they will be masterfully taking off your own very nice gold expensive necklace that you have on around your neck. Thus leaving you with some cheap tat and running off with your prized gold necklace.

“The last time this happened was a week or so ago and it was three ladies who got out of a silver saloon car on Pinner Road and followed a victim into Waller Drive.  This did happen about 6 months ago, also on Pinner Road. 

 “Please watch out for this and don’t become a victim.”

PS 21 Alison Fanton

Northwood Neighbourhood Policing Team

Email – Northwood.snt@met.police.uk

Tel – 020 8721 2545

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