Former Police Station – October 2022 planning update + NRA response

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Additional documents relating to traffic and parking have been submitted.  There is a re-consultation, we have until 2nd November to make comments.  To view the planning application and all of the supporting documents, please click here.

The relevant new documents are:

  • Cover Letter to Transport Submissions (Dated 14th October 2022);
  • Document ref. 300114-005-02 ‘Analysis of Travel and Parking Demands’ (Dated 13th October 2022);
  • Document ref. 300114-004-01 ‘Draft Car Parking Management Strategy’ (Dated 2nd September 2022); and
  • Amended Appendix C to Planning Statement – Facilities Operations Manual (Dated October 2022)).

The upload date for each of them is 18th October 2022.

The text of the NRA response can be downloaded here.

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