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Borough Commander, Colin Wingrove, thanks everyone who took part in the consultation and attended the public meeting in September and gave feedback. The MOPAC report as a result of the recent public consultation on the Public Access and Engagement Strategy has been published. The report details that the front counter provision for this borough will move to Hayes Police Station which will be staffed 24 hours and offer experienced face-to-face contact should it be required by our community.

To download Chief Superintendent Colin Wingrove’s message click here.

Thanks to pressure from residents, Hillingdon Council and Police-linked panels, we have secured the retention of Ruislip Police station. Although it will not be open to the public it will remain a very useful operational site for the North of the Borough.

Also, Northwood will be one of the selected local areas where additional contact sessions will take place. These will be one hour face-to-face sessions held twice a week at a predetermined location. This will be part of a 6-month trial.  No date has yet been set for the sessions to begin.

We are waiting to hear exactly how Northwood Police Station will be treated but it cannot be sold off, as indicated in some reports, as the Police do not own it. It is highly likely that the limited front counter service, operated by volunteers, will be phased out.

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